Depth meter up to 40 mm for screw ⌀ 2.7 mm, purple series

Veterinary Systems
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Hole depth meter up to 40 mm with a measurement step of 1 mm. color series.
It is used to accurately measure the drilling depth for the installation of cortical and blockable screws of the VS color series.
✅ The meter body is made of tool steel with an alloying layer;
✅ Measuring range from 0 to 40 mm in 1 mm increments;
✅ Spring-return mechanism of the meter tip;
✅ Convenience of cleaning and sterilization, thanks to the collapsible design of the guide.

✅ For ease of use, the news VS assortment is distributed in color series, which form one working set:

  • plates;
  • screws;
  • drills;
  • screwdrivers;
  • guides;
  • cases for storage and sterilization.


Material: Tool steel

Manufacturer: Vet Systems

Construction: Spring-return, Collapsible

Appointment: Hole depth measurement

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