ALFA Plate System

The most advanced yet affordable extraosseous plate system for osteosynthesis in veterinary medicine.

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ALFA Plate Systems
We are the team of like-minded practicing veterinarians. We provide the best technology, implants and instruments, training and support. With more than 20 years of experience in practical surgery we understand that there is no margin for error when you treat patients. We are committed to addressing the daily challenges of veterinary professionals and providing solutions to improve the quality of life for pets. Nocompromises.
Complex surgery deserves the maximum convenience of using veterinary systems, the most advanced technologies and the highest quality. Our products and solutions development is based on more than 20 years of experience in practical surgery. More than 90% of our products are manufactured in accordance with VS drawings and specifications at Russian factories accredited for the manufacture of medical implants.
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No compromises!

Vet Systems is a team of practicing surgeons

Our goal is to improve the quality of pet's life by equipping veterinarians with advanced skills and technologies.
The core values of VS are at the heart of our company's culture to achieve our goal: innovation, partnership and progress. We continue to invent, design, test clinically, produce, collaborate and train. You can rely on the best solutions due to innovation, the best support due to the partner approach and the best results for the client and our business partners.
Our core values
More than 15 years of practical surgery and orthopedics
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